Membership Referral Program: Limited time only!! Ends January 31st 2014

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Do you want to learn how to lower your dues at the gym. Do you love BAB but love saving money even more? Well here it is, BABs first ever referral program!! Membership referral program rules: For a limited time only we are offering a member referral program. If you bring in a friend or family member who signs up at the gym you will receive a $5 dollar discount off your month…ly membership for the lifetime of the membership.BAB-Embroidery-Black
That’s right you keep the discount until you cancel your membership. So let try and coral all those New Years resolution friends of your towards a gym that will actually help them accomplish their fitness goals. *** This IS a for a limited time only. Once this offer is over it WILL NOT beĀ  available.

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