Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Hello Bay Area Boxing Members. We hope everyone is safe and healthy and ready to get back to doing what you love! We’re excited to help our community get back to smashing their fight and fitness goals and can’t wait to see everyone soon! At Bay Area Boxing, the safety of our members and staff is top priority. As much as we would like things to go back to life as normal (Pre-Covid) and as you probably suspected it will be necessary to make some changes to our standard operating procedures. Please bare with us as we are making these changes to keep members, staff and our community as a whole safe and healthy. We will be working in direct accordance to the San Mateo county Health department guidelines. Below is a detailed outline of what changes the gym will be making and what members responsibilities will look like.

Gym Update

  1. Acuity Scheduling: A reservation system has been added to our website schedule tab. This is to ensure you as a members can reserve a class ahead of time and we can keep our capacity to a level that will allow for social distancing. To sign up for a class simply go to our website, click the schedule tab and pic the class you want to attend.
  2. BayFit Class Duration: BayFit Boxing & Kickboxing classes will be shortened to 45 minutes to allow for disinfecting protocols between classes.
  3. Social Distancing: We have removed half our heave bags and spaced out cardio equipment to allow for 6 feet of distances between class participants.
  4. Face Coverings: Because of the nature of intense cardio exercise face coverings will be recommended but optional. However, we encourage you to arrive with them and leave with them when possible.
  5. Temperature Checks: No touch temperature checks will be administered at the front entrance of our facility for both staff and members. Please do not use the side entrance to enter as the side door will be exit only.
  6. Sanitizer Stations: We have set up personal sanitizer stations at enter/exit areas and around the gym for your convenience(Lysol Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes). Please use accordingly.
  7. Outdoor Atmosphere: Our doors and windows will remain wide open during class times and fans will remain on to allow for maximum fresh airflow.
  8. Increased Cleaning Schedule: We are adding time and tools to allow for an increase to our overall clean protocols.
  9. Shower Room: Our shower room is temporarily unavailable for use until further notice.

Members Responsibly:

  1. Symptom Recognition: If you are feeling sick with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home and/or seek medical attention as needed.
  2. Personal Equipment: For the time being please keep personal items to a minimum. Only bring the equipment you need for the class you are about to take. All other personal items and training gear should be stored in your vehicle or one of our day lockers.
  3. Social Etiquette: We know you miss seeing your Bay Area Boxing Fam (we do too) but please reserve post sweat session chats for the parking lot. The staff will be busy after each class re-sanitizing equipment for the next time-slot of classes.
  4. Loaner Equipment: Members are responsible to wipe down any personal loaner equipment they borrow with Clorox wipes after use. The amount of loaner items will be limited.
  5. Open Gym: Members may use the gym in between classes as long as the desired area is not closed for cleaning. If you want to work out on you own you can but you’ll be responsible to clean up after yourself and wipe down any surfaces used.
  6. Floor Plan: We ask that members not move or rearrange floor equipment as our current floor layout is consistent with the regulations handed down by the state and county health departments.
  7. Member/Coach Interactions: As much as we would all like to go back to hugging, high fives and fist bumps please refrain from touching other members and staff for the time being.
  8. Water Fountain: Bottle use only for now.

We transformed the back room into six workout stations. Each station has either an assault bike or rowing machine in it. You can use these workout stations before and after class or during open gym times. Bring what you need into the station, do your workout and then clean up afterwards. We will also use this area for the CrossTrain classes. Please do not move or rearrange cardio equipment. Keep all machines in their designated workout station.

Our updated Bag Rack Area is now social distance approved! Red markings on the floor indicate what side of your bag you should be facing. At the front of the class there is a coach square where you can find your instructor (sorry no pad work for now). Instructors will be at a safe distance but close enough to make you work for it. Don’t think we are going to take it easy on you. After your BayFit Boxing and Kickboxing classes the entire area will be sanitized for the next time slot.

When your looking to wipe up sweat or soil the best option is the bottles of green non toxic sanitizer and a clean towel. The green cleaner is non toxic so it is safe to use during class times. If you have any question on how to sanitize an area after use please see management at the front desk. We are here to help.