Justin Davis – Head Muay Thai Coach

Name: Justin Davis

Position: Head Muay Thai coach

Bio: Justin started training Muay Thai as a young man under Kru Sam of World Team USA in San Francisco. Justin trained, taught and fought under the World Team flag for 8 years. We welcome Justin as our Head Muay Thai coach and cornerman for our Muay Thai fight team. Justin specializes in getting men and women ready for their fights whether in the ring or cage. Outside of fight training and competition preparation Mr. Davis also specializes in client body transformation and leads our 6:15am BayFit Kickboxing classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Just carries with him an intense yet friendly coaching style with an emphasis on muscle toning and weight loss. Martial arts changed Justin’s lifestyle for the better and his life goal now is to share that passion with the world. Come check out Justin’s class for a fun, technically, proficient full body kickboxing workout or try your hand in one of his Muay Thai fight team classes.

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