Daniel Agid – Muay Thai, BayFit Boxing, Kickboxing

Starting in Brazilian Capoeira, Daniel soon moved to learn the art of Kemp Karate with a small amount of Shaolin Kung Fu added to it. This path led him to find the fast and accurate kicking style of Taekwondo. Fighting in Taekwondo over two and a half years Daniel excelled in the ranks and was honored to be a part of The Taekwondo Junior Olympics! He captured the bronze, missing the gold only because of an over aggressive attitude. Moving forward in life, Daniel met Muay Thai world champion Alex Gong of Fairtex in San Francisco! Gong quickly took him under his wing and started his training in the deadly art of Muay Thai. After Gongs death, a trainer named Kenya Prach noticed Daniel’s raw potential and offered to train him. Kenya Prach (aka “The Black Stone Fist” from Cambodia) started training Daniel in the most original style of Muay Thai known as Pradal-Serey. In the world of Pradal-Serey Prach is second only to his uncle, one of the last living grandmasters in the style. Prach taught and brought Daniel up to become a great fighter in this style. This style of striking led Daniel to win and capture the West Coast United States Amateur Championship in 2009 with an expectation of much more greatness to come.

Daniel Agid

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